Pipeline Pattern: Analysis Stage

Separate out analysis to preserve commit stage processing time

The entry point of a Continuous Delivery pipeline is its Commit Stage, and as such manages the compilation, unit testing, analysis, and packaging of source code whenever a change is committed to version control. As the commit stage is responsible for identifying defective code it represents a...Read More »

Trunk Based Development Branching

NOTE: Always Agile Consulting now offers an Introduction To Trunk Based Development training course!

Trunk Based Development supports Optimistic and Pessimistic Release Branching

Trunk Based Development is a style of software development in which all developers commit their changes to a single shared trunk in source control, and...Read More »

Talks Q3 2014

Upcoming talks on Continuous Delivery

I will be talking about “Release Testing Is Risk Management Theatre” at the following events:

Hope to see you at one of the above!

...Read More »

Announcing the Build Quality In book

Continuous Delivery and DevOps experience reports from the wild

I am delighted to announce Matthew Skelton and I are co-authors of a new book Build Quality In – a collection of Continuous Delivery and DevOps experience reports from the wild.

The interdependent disciplines of Continuous Delivery and DevOps...Read More »

More Releases With Less Risk

Continuous Delivery reduces defect probability and cost

Continuous Delivery often challenges conventional wisdom within the IT industry, and by advocating the rapid release of value-add to reduce risk it contradicts the traditional belief that a low release cadence is an effective risk reduction strategy. How can releasing software more frequently...Read More »

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