Always Agile Consulting Ltd is an independent software consultancy specialising in the use of Continuous Delivery principles and practices to rapidly deliver customer value. Our founder is Steve Smith.

Stephen Smith

Steve Smith is a Continuous Delivery consultant at Always Agile Consulting Ltd. As an early adopter of Continuous Delivery, Steve has overseen Continuous Delivery transformation programmes in multiple organisations to reduce lead times and increase product revenues.

An XP developer with 14 years of software development experience in Britain and New Zealand, Steve favours practices such as Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, and Continuous Integration to build quality into software products.

Steve is a co-author of the Continuous Delivery book “Build Quality In“, a co-organiser of the annual PIPELINE conference, and a regular speaker at conferences such as Agile On The Beach and Lean Agile Scotland.

Steve blogs at Always Agile Consulting and is on Twitter at @AgileSteveSmith.